New Programs

Tidewater Tennis Center is excited to announce several new programs at the club!!!



What is 10 and Under Tennis?

In support of 10 and Under Tennis, both the International Tennis Federation and the USTA passed new rules governing play for the sport’s youngest competitors. With more than 18 million children under the age of 10 in the U.S., getting more kids onto the court and into the game translates to big growth for tennis.

Tennis Sized Right for Age and Ability
• Courts are smaller and easier to cover
• Balls bounce lower and move slower through the air, making them easier to hit
• Three levels of tennis balls: RED: for kids 8 and under and ORANGE: 9 to 10 years old & GREEN.
• Racquets sized for small hands that are easier to grip and swing
• New scoring rules that allow for more and shorter matches

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