Tidewater Academy Program

Tidewater Tennis Center

Winter 2018

Tidewater Tennis Center is excited to introduce the all “NEW” Tidewater Tennis Academy.  Beginning with our February session, you will notice major changes to our program including:

  • New More Detailed Course Descriptions
  • Shorter Sessions to Reduce Scheduling Conflicts
  • Emphasis on Proper Student Placement
  • Expanded Class Offerings

Drop by during any of our classes and you will see the TTC difference.

Online registration requires an account be set up through Tidewater Tennis Center. This only has to be done one time and we will be glad to assist over the phone. (757) 461-3015


Pre-Play Tots (Ages 3-5)
For students 3-5 years old who cannot rally from 1/4 court. Parent participation is encouraged for maximum productivity and to teach parents simple progressions for practice with their child on their own. Class focuses on basic hand/eye coordination skills needed for tennis.

Day Session Dates Time Fee Register
Sat Feb 10 – March 17 9-10am $84
Sat March 24 – April 28 9-10am $84

Rising Stars – Pre-Play I
These students cannot rally from half court yet. Class works on progressive curriculum to learn how to rally and get serves in from half court. Class starts close to the net with short swings focusing on ball judgement, control and learning to properly square the racquet thru contact zone. Class will gradually back to half court allowing participants to refine strokes.

Day Session Dates Time Fee Register
Sat Feb 10 – March 17 9-10am $84
Sat March 24 – April 28 9-10am $84

Rising Stars – Pre-Play II
For students who can rally and get serves in from half court but may struggle from baseline. Students learn full stroke technique on groundstrokes and serves including preparation and follow-thru. Focus will be placed on skill development needed to play matches as it relates to rally skills, serve, scoring, rules, procedures, and sportsmanship.

Day Session Dates Time Fee Register
Sat Feb 10 – March 17 2:30-3:30pm $84
Sat March 24 – April 28 2:30-3:30pm $84

Qualifiers – Players I
These students have just learned to play matches from the baseline. Strokes still tend to break down on tough balls. Depth of shot is lacking. Class focuses on proper mechanics, consistency, depth, footwork, recovery, and tolerance on groundstrokes. Wrist snap and racquet drop are taught on serves to increase speed and depth. Volleys will be introduced. 

Day Session Dates Time Fee Register
Sat Feb 10 – March 17 10-11:30am $114
Sun Feb 11 – March 18 1-2:30pm $114
Sat March 24 – April 28 10-11:30am $114
Sun March 25 – April 29 1-2:30pm $114

Challengers – Players II
These players are getting better with stroke production, consistency, depth, and tolerance. Class teaches how to move opponents on short balls, implementing approach shots and volleys in point situations. Class is learning to execute all basic shots including overheads, lobs, and passes.

Day Session Dates Time Fee Register
Sat Feb 10 – March 17 11:30-1pm $114
Sat March 24 – April 28 11:30-1pm $114

Tournament – Players III
Students can hit all basic shots with consistency still lacking mastery of power and spin. Class will introduce advanced mechanics in order to derive power from energy transfers. Spins, trajectories, and shot selection are introduced in order to construct points. These students are usually participating in tournaments and/or on their school team.

Day Session Dates Time Fee Register
Sat Feb 10 – March 17 1-2:30pm $114
Sun Feb 11 – March 18 2:30-4pm $114
Sat March 24 – April 28 1-2:30pm $114
Sun March 25 – April 29 2:30-4pm $114


Performance Program
This is our top level junior program.  Participants in these classes must be pre-approved by instructor and meet the level of the class.  These classes are for high level juniors with developed strokes.  Many of the students in this program will be participating in tournaments and participating on school teams.  This program is not available for online registration.

Current Schedule

Friday 6-8pm

Sunday 5-7pm

Cost per Class: $35.00

“New” Saturday JDP Class
Cost: $27

For online registration, click below:






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Club Policies for Classes

Make-up Policy for Junior TTA Classes For any students fully registered in a session, a maximum of (1) class will be credited toward the next session of TTA classes for a missed class.  Credits may not be used for other services and will be applied to the next session of junior TTA classes.

Payment for Junior TTA Classes

In order to receive the discounted full class price for Junior TTA classes, payment for classes must be prepaid.  Students without full registration will be charged the drop-in rate.

Make-up Policy for Camps

Students registered in any camps will be able to make up a maximum of one missed camp day in another week of camp, if available.  No refunds will be issued for missed camp days.

Expiration Policy for Private Lesson Packages

Packages will have the following expiration periods for any packages purchased after June 15, 2015: In order to receive the discounted package rate, packages must be paid for in advance.

3 Hour Packages 45 days from Purchase Date
6 Hour Packages 90 days from Purchase Date
10 Hour Packages 6 months from Purchase Date

Cancellation Policy for Private Lessons In order to provide staff with enough time to fill open court time, we are requiring 8 hours notice be given for cancelling private lessons and/or private clinics.  This will allow pro’s and staff to move clients on waiting lists into available court times.  Cancellations made inside of the 8 hour requirement will result in a charge to the account of the client.  Cancellation charge is $35.00.